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Video is rapidly evolving, and with every new update simply watching TV or playing a video game becomes increasingly complicated

The stack of boxes and the web of wires at the TV, plus the multiple remotes and apps needed to control everything is frustrating. Alro Automation  DigitalMedia™ technology cleans up that mess and ensures that everything simply works. It’s the gold standard video processing and distribution platform, delivering the very best video quality, smoothest channel and source selection, and field-tested reliability.

Select and play any game on any TV with one-touch.

Leave the consoles in a closet and play whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, without plugging and unplugging.

Watch any content anywhere.

In full 4K without any special wiring. Plus, everyone gets their own favorite pre-set channels.

Create that sports bar you’ve always wanted.

Watch multiple March Madness® basketball games or football games at the same time on multiple TVs. Choose which game to watch on each TV. Or build a giant video wall – watch one game in video wall mode or different games on each display.

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