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As a trusted source we partner & collaborate with private homeowners, architects, interior designers, developers and commercial groups. We assist them in getting the right technology for their home or project and achieving the correct end result.


Our core belief is that none of our products get handed over until it has been through our strict testing platform and has passed all the benchmark requirements. This ensures both us and the client peace of mind for their purchase. It has also established us in the market as a leader in the industry.


In order for us to give you the best joint effort on site, we collaborate with the best in the industry. We work closely with each team member to assure you the best outcome. Once your project is handed over we also assist with any technical assistance you require thereafter.

Smart Integration

Your entire home responds with a single
touch. Each room has it’s individual custom
settings according to your app which is
operational off your smart phone or touch
devices. You are able to light up your fire
place and stream your favourite playlist
simultaneously. Whether you are chilled at
home for the weekend of entertaining guests
this platform allows you to maximize your
space accordingly.


Alro Automation engineers network your
systems for connectivity & reliability.This
also allows complete flexibility whilst
keeping you secure, entertained and
informed about every apsect of your
smart home set up.

Audio + Video

Our Video solution includes easy to use
control of your TVs, 4K HDR TV screens
that will amaze you. We can assist in
bringing you bring the best content into
your home. We can synergize your family’s
favorite streaming music right at your
fingertips and in every room of your home.


Secure your perimeters with CCTV and
Surveillance giving you peace of mind over
your home and property. This solution
protects you and your families private space,
personal data, communications and keeps
your valuable assets safe and secure. Don’t
lose sleep over forced entry or theft,
the choice lies within your grasp.

Lighting & Control

Lighting is both aesthetic & functional but
it also adds a quality that evokes emotional
and coherent responses. Bright lighting
energizes us but soft mood lighting soothes
us. Lighting sets an atmosphere, finishes
reveal their texture and when the lighting
is just right, help familiar spaces transform
from spirited to tranquil, making even the
simplest activities unforgettable.

Home Cinema

Our engineers design, install and program
each theatre system to deliver a remarkable
high quality experience like never before.It
is the ultimate private theatre room
experience with the x-factor of complete
smart control.

Temperature Control

We offer complete and precise climate
control for any home or office with
environmental control providing the
ultimate benefits in comfortable living and
energy conservation. Now you can
conveniently and easily manage and
monitor all your HVAC systems through
Savant keypads, wireless thermostats and
award-winning control apps for both
Android and Apple® iOS devices.

Shade Control

Control your blinds with elegance in
motion at the touch of a button. Smooth
movement control combined with silent
rotation slowly transforms your room
keeping natural light at the pace you