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The right lighting turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary space

Lighting welcomes you home and keeps intruders away. Lighting is essential to physical and emotion wellness. It sets the mood for entertaining; for snuggling together on movie night; for a professional conference call. With Alro Automation Home, controlling the light in your home is simple and smart.


At sunrise the lights slowly ramp up and the shades slowly open to gently welcome the new day.

Set the mood for entertaining, create the perfect atmosphere for family movie night; or ensure the optimal setting for a professional conference call.

Lights automatically turn on when you walk into a room and turn off shortly after you leave. At the end of the day, tap “Goodnight” from your bed to turn off all the lights and close all the shades.


Your lights work the same way whether you’re home or not.

You’re in control from anywhere all the time. Indoor and outdoor lights turn on, off, or adjust automatically based on a preset schedule or sunrise/sunset.

Hallway lights automatically illuminate the way for that drink of water or bathroom break in the middle of the night.

Health and Wellness

Lighting is directly linked to physical and emotional well-being.

Sensors detect natural ambient lighting; room lighting automatically adjusts to achieve just the right brightness. Circadian rhythm lighting and dawn/dusk simulation improves sleep, energy, and mood.

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