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Business Approach

We consistently monitor methods, standards and measurable benchmarks within the construction and engineering trade.
This allows to continually revise our planning and strategies and realign our business structure and methodology of approach. One of our biggest strengths is the ability to diversify and apply new innovations.


Uhlanga has a sensitive commitment to environmental impact and maintaining its cleanliness. We believe in corporate governance and its laws that guide us in keeping our planet safe for our children and the generations to come. The decisions we make today affect everyone that comes after us and their quality of life. Let us build safely together and preserve our most precious resources.


The safety and health of employees is an essential requirement for the successful operation of a company and this is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. In this regard, the working conditions and the type of activities carried out greatly influence not only the health, but also the motivation of employees. Accidents and illnesses lead to absenteeism,stoppages, decreases in quality and damage the company’s reputation, and therefore also lead to unnecessary additional costs. Occupational health and preventive measures in the context of occupational health policies are significantly influenced by an awareness of prevention that is integrated into the corporate culture and by the commitment and competence of corporate governance and management.


Across the board we seek to leave a lasting
impression through these core values:

* Excellence
* Professionalism
* BBBEE Transformation
* Innovation
* Client Relations
* Integrity
* Target Driven
* Environment Awareness