What is Savant?Savant makes premium smart home systems designed to suit the way you live. Offering automated control of your lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more, Savant has systems that work in homes from the worlds largest mansions to small studio apartments. Click here to Explore the Savant Experience and find the system that's right for you.
Will the Savant App work with things I already have in my house?Yes, Savant is compatible with thousands of products, including many of the most popular brands found in homes today.
What is the difference in the Smart and Pro Systems?The Smart Host offers a full Savant experience ideal for most homes. The Pro Host offers greater scalability, for larger homes that require a higher level of customization. Learn More
What is the difference between the new Savant App and TrueControl App?The Savant App provides homeowners with a greater level of simplicity and personalization. The TrueControl App allows for control over some specialized devices as well as more extensive customization options for Authorized Integrators. Contact a Savant Authorized Integrator for more details.
Can I use the the Savant apps by themselves?Both apps need to be paired with a Savant Host installed and configured by a Savant Authorized Integrator.
Will the Savant App work on my phone or tablet?The Savant App works on Apple devices running iOS 8.x or later, and on Android devices running a minimum of JellyBean 4.3. Our TrueControl App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch only-it requires iOS 5.1 or later.
I already have Savant System, can I use the new Savant App with it?In most cases, yes, but your Savant Authorized Integrator will need to upgrade your software. The Savant App requires Savant 7.0 or later software. Please speak to your integrator to determine whether your current Savant system is eligible for an upgrade.
What is Savant Plus?Savant Plus is a premium, subscription-based feature of the Savant App that provides secure remote access and alerts via email or push notification.